200r4 vs 700r4

200r4 vs 700r4

The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. JeffB2Nov 1, I think the R4 is more plentiful and cheaper. Pro Stock JohnNov 2, Worth, Texas. I think his combo will be fine with the r4. It fits in the car really well too.

You can look at bowtieoverdrives. The overdrive is great on the highway but around town Id just keep it in "D" insted of "OD"that way it wont go into 4th and you wont have to keep mashing the gas to get it to kick down, hurting your MPG. The R4 has less "spin loss" - which is transmission speak for friction loss and inertia loss - so it will be better for fuel economy. Maybe more theoretical than significant WeaselNov 2, Johnny Gee likes this.

Over the years I've seen folks debate which is stronger, and I think it's a tossup. I had a r in my 53"had" it left me sitting twice for stupid stuff. I picked it because it also had a lower Overdrive.

200r4 vs 700r4

I have never had probs with R4 so I would go with the or a 5 speed. Louver DudeNov 2, It was a great set up. If you are running aI'd be much more concerned with the rods stretching if you are running a cam and mill the heads then I would be of what tranny I'd be running.

Shift kits are great, I've used them and gotten some really sharp, crisp shifts especially going from 1st to 2nd but then again, make sure your engine can take it.

I had a build with a compression ration, cam, head work etc. If you plan on leaving the stock, the difference between the and is negligible. That is, no big deal. RandomrodderNov 2, They are both very good transmissions. It's like which is better-a or a ?

Be sure to get the with the proper bellhousing patern. Well it looks like yesterday and this morning it was R4 and this afternoon it's R4. Tomorrow who knows what it'll be? This sounds like a complete waste of fucking time giving this guy any advice. Both transmissions are geared low in first and will pull quite well when the skinny pedal is vigorously applied.I opted for a R as it was similar in size to the TH It was a pretty simple swap. So I bought a different kit and made my own.

I thought I got it right and it seemed to work fine but on the way home the trans started makes noises and began slipping on steeper climbs so I guess I took out the clutches, again. No more TV cables which leaves me with a 4L60E. Will that bolt right up to my motor? Will I need a special flex plate and or converter?

Can you tell me exactly what parts I need or can you point me to someone or a company where I can purchase the right components. I like your decision to go to the 4L60E and I think you will find that while this will cost some additional coin, this is the best way to go. Besides the cost of the transmission the only other major investment will be in a trans controller.

The CompuShift Sport is also affordable and instead of a hand-held box, it uses a wireless Bluetooth connection to your smart phone for all the input. As for the transmission, GM started using the 4L60E in in trucks and other vehicles and those were one-piece rear main seal small-block Chevys so look for that application.

There are tons of LS-application 4L60E transmissions out there as well. One way to tell them apart is to look for a trans with a small-block Chevy bellhousing bolt pattern and that might have an integrated bellhousing, but the trans I used for my story had a separate bellhousing even with small-block bolt pattern. Other pieces you will need include a different slip yoke to hook to your driveshaft and likely you will have to change driveshaft lengths because the 4L60E is about 2 inches longer than the R.

All that junk that went into the converter makes it not worth the risk. You should also consider cleaning your trans cooler as well or at least flush it before running the new trans. The bolt pattern for the torque converter should be the same — assuming you have a multiple pattern converter flex plate. The best thing to do is choose a converter and then match the converter to the flexplate before you bolt everything up to ensure the converter will fit properly.

Your shifter will work with the 4L60E no problem. On the 4L60E we did for the El Camino, we decided to lock up the converter after 50 mph in fourth gear only.

You could choose to do that in third gear if you like. We found that with a loose converter, the rpm drop going into fourth gear was less than the drop when we locked up the converter. Each car reacts differently and the beauty is you can easily make changes. I think this is a great plan and you will be very happy with how well your car shifts with the 4L60E mainly because you can make changes to shift quality and harshness just by with a couple of touches on your smart phone!

There are some advantages to all this technology we have now! Might sound Crazy? Ive been looking at the R4 for my 74 Vette SBC as it does not need cross member mods but i have seed articles saying the R4 is weak and needs up-grads to take HP output.

The R is a better platform to build according to Art Carr. The R is also a much closer ratio gear box than the R4 meaning less RPM drop between shifts. Saludos y felicitaciones al sr jeff smith. I would agree with Travis provided the R4 is built right.Q: R4 or R4. I just purchased a firebird convertible with a from a grand prix SJ and a Turbo I am considering replacing my Turbo with either a R4 or a R4. A: A couple of things to consider when making your choice:.

This makes the install simple with a TH trans cross member. It is considered weaker than the r4. The r4 is a stronger unit but will not hold up if you plan on drag racing. Either unit can be reworked to make them bullet proof if you have the bucks. The TV cable is tricky to get right. Thee are companies that sell TV brackets to mount to an intake but not sure if one is available for Pontiac would be interested to hear from some one on this. It holds both the TV cable and the throttle bracket but I have a Mig.

I recommend a company called T. Tech The trans yoke from a TH will fit directly into a r4 not sure about the r If your car originally came with a TH or you have a rear end from a car that did, it has a large yoke make sure you have the correct trans yoke. Good Luck. The is longer, so you will have to do driveshaft and crossmember mods to get it to fit, and possibly the floor pan.

Get the yoke with the tranny. Why would you want to convert to a R?

200R4 or 700R4

My car has enough torque to smoke the tires from here to kingdom come and it runs great on the hiway Though I did add a Holeshot torque converter to it.

A: The R4 is the stronger of the two transmissions,however it is not anywhere near as strong as a turbo ,particularly in stock form.

This also applies to the R4. As mentioned before, you also have to deal with shifter, driveshaft length, X-member etc. I would also install an external trans cooler to increase reliability.

2004R VS 700R4 Differences

The Monte Carlo SS only came with atherefore only a 4r.It was typically coupled with Small Block V6 and V8 engines and was used in most of General Motors rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks until It was widely used in Chevrolet and GMC rear-wheel-drive vehicles until The TH weighs lbs.

The shape of the oil pans is one way to differentiate between the TH and the R4. The TH's oil pan is shaped like a square with one of its corners cut off, while the R4's oil pan is basically rectangular. Gear ratios measure the number of revolutions the engine makes for every revolution of the transmission's output. The TH's gear ratios are as follows: 2. The R4's gear ratios are 3. The R4 has an overdrive while the TH does not. Overdrives allow for high-speed cruising, which saves fuel while lowering torque.

The need for a more fuel-efficient transmission was one of the main reasons the TH was phased out and replaced with the R4.

200r4 vs 700r4

Vehicle owners report fuel savings of up to 30 ercent after converting from the TH to the R4. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us.

Gear Ratios Gear ratios measure the number of revolutions the engine makes for every revolution of the transmission's output. Overdrive The R4 has an overdrive while the TH does not. Fuel Consumption The need for a more fuel-efficient transmission was one of the main reasons the TH was phased out and replaced with the R4. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.The Jalopy Journal.

200r4 vs 700r4

Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Hey guys I have just purchased a r4 transmission and a r4.

The is good and the is just a core I have run a in the past in my 54 truck but was wondering what to expect with the r4. Let me know what you think Thanks. Low54Aug 30, Never beat on.

Made loud noises 75 - 80K. Replace those parts with hardened parts and they are said to be a good transmission. OldBuzzardAug 30, The has been the tried and true trans and the guys will spout all kinds of negativity for themainly due to what they have been told not what they have experienced. The has it's issues, but so does the This is one of the better professional articles I have found. The has a better gear spacing and uses less power. Both are fairly weak stock.

Both can be made to handle decent power.

200r4 vs 700r4

The is about the same size as a TH The is bigger. I prefer the His occupation is repairing transmissions for fleet services. His knowledge of transmissions is great. He can answer your Questions.

200r4 transmission VS 700r4

JimCAug 30, I've had a r4 behind a stout around hp for a couple of years.Yet while the R4 is often seen as the more popular successor to the throne of the TH, the R4 is not going to squeeze into every build, not is it necessarily the best fit for your car — especially if you are going forward with a lot of aftermarket work in mind.

Its bellhousing, drive shaft, and mechanical speedometer make it a superior fit for vintage cars, and its sturdier build and better torque capacity make it the better non-electronic 4-speed overdrive transmission for classic GM performance builds. And remember, if you snag yourself a late-model R from one of the more recent productions, it will handily outdo the stock R4 found in older vehicles.

It is by no means a perfect transmission and the R4 will typically outdo it, and even if you pick up a newer stock version from the wrecking yard at a bargain you will still have some ways to go to making it race-worthy, but a little magic and some elbow grease will turn the R into your personal holy grail of power and fuel efficiency.

Eventually, inthe R was phased out for the R4, and later iterations of the same transmission including the 4L60 and 4LE. Its gear ratios are:. The R uses a throttle valve cable, which can be replaced based on the exact specifications and compatibility of your car. The R comes with a unique-looking bolt transmission pan, much like the R4 and 4L60 but completely different in design. The pans on the R4 and 4L60 are square, whereas the R tapers off on one side.

The TH, on the other hand, looks much like the R but comes with only 13 bolts. Because of the similarities in both the size and design of the R and the TH, the R offers a much simpler update to a 4-speed overdrive transmission in your older car than the R4 does. The primary reason for picking a R over the R4 boils down to what kind of car you have, and what you are building for.

The R comes with better torque capacity and is a much more straightforward fit into cars that originally sported the 3-speed TH or 2-speed Powerglide, but its availability and lack of durability vs. For the most part, even the biggest incompatibilities would require very little modification for a bolt-in. Of course, there are plenty of reasons to admire and pick the R4 over the R — if the circumstances are right.

There is no definitive answer — it always depends on what you have got on-hand, and what you are aiming to accomplish. Even if the R4 happens to be a slightly better fit for you, you might end up saving more if you find a late-model R for a better bargain.

As good as a transmission can be in its pure and intended form, nothing beats what a custom build can get you. And with the right aftermarket parts and some effort from a GM transmission expert, the R can go from being an aluminum transmission straight out of the 80s, into being a 21st-century powerhouse for performance-oriented muscle cars, complete with a reliable overdrive and heavy-duty materials.

GearStar Performance Transmission N. No Comments. Its gear ratios are: 1st gear: 2. Why Choose the R Transmission?They may have been released in the s, but where one fails the other makes up for it.

Monster Transmission 200 4R Testamonial

They have been beefed up in every possible way to be a better replacement to any car that uses the TH, TH, or generally, a muscle car. Fuel economy for which they were launched for has been up by 30 percent based on their real-life operation. However, the same level of performance may not be evident if you rely on the stock transmissions of either even though they are not as common as they used to be.

The R transmission is one among several other transmissions manufactured by General Motors, an American multinational corporation based in Detroit. It is also one of the first overdrive automatic transmissions launched by GM.

The R4 transmission cars at the time were not limited to Corvettes, Camaro, Chevrolet, and pickup trucks. The R and the R4 transmissions were both released in the s. At the time, there was a high need for cars with fuel economy and as such, the duo became the answer to the growing need.

What a TV Cable does is to serve as a primitive throttle position sensor enabling either transmission to maintain the best RPM revolutions per minute possible for fuel economy and peak performance. It also enables them to shift smoother which allows a driver to switch between gear ratios seamlessly. Nonetheless, there is still a R and R transmission problems which have been pointed out time again. One of such stems from their TV Cable which has been said to be a bit finicky, thereby causing them to shift too hard, early or later than expected.

It enables the transmission to operate at a low RPM at any given road speed and as a result, it uses fuel efficiently and operates more quietly on the highway. How does this relate to the R and R4? They also feature overdrive gears and they were notably the first GM automatic transmissions to feature such. The R, on the other hand, features a ratio of. There are also unique differences between the R and R4 transmissions and some of these include:.

Is there any way of telling the R transmission from the R4 from the outlook?

200r4 vs 700r4 WHAT THE DIFFERENCE?

You will need to rely on their pan bolt count and pattern. It could be a little tricky in the aspect of the pan bolt count since the R vs R4 have the same number of pan bolts which is However, the pattern or angle of the pan bolts is a dead giveaway as to which is which.

First, you need to count all the pan angles and if it is a 6 angled, then its definitely a R. On the other hand, it is a R4 if it has is equivalent to a 4 angled square. It also has a bigger pan and longer tail-shaft length than the R.

One of the most notable differences between either is in their overdrive gear. The R transmission has a.


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