Alcoso solingen dagger

Alcoso solingen dagger

The Third Reich produced some of the most interesting edge weapons of all times. The German armed forces have a dagger, knife or sword for just about every branch and occasion. Due to the high quality, design and rarity these blades have become very desirable and might be second only to the legendary Samurai sword. The following section provides several, high detailed pictures of various German blades. White handle. The eagle on the crossguard is broken.

This can happen when it is placed in the scabbard wrong. Orange handle. Burnt Orange handle. Knight's head placed on the base of the blade. Nice pebbling to the scabbard. Back of handguard is engraved with the owner's initials.

No manufacturer's markings. The scabbard shows surface rusting. Pebbling remains clearly visible. Produced by the Paul Weyersburg company which stamped its logo at the base of the blade. This is a later production dagger. Manufactured by the SMF company. Logo is found at base of blade. Scabbard has a matching finish and has a chain attached to it permanently. Most of the chain is missing. The logo is stamped at the base of the blade. This is an early example with the nickel silver design.

No manufacturer's logo stamped onthe blade. Manufactured by F. Holler from Solingen. Complete with scabbard. This dagger was manufactured by an unknown company. Manufactured by the WKC company. No manufacturer markings. Complete with the hangers and the silver portapee. Orange colored handle. Mid-war production. Complete with hanger. The buckle is RZM stamped. Wooden handle with an eagle and the SA roundel.The all brass hilt consists of a finely detailed lion head cat with oak leaf backstrap and "P" guard.

The cat is fitted with blood red faceted eyes. Nice detail throughout his whiskers, chin, and muzzle. The handwork is beautifully rendered throughout this brass.

alcoso solingen dagger

The backstrap consists of raised out oak leaves with double leaves flowing into the side tabs. This lionhead sword hilt features an outstanding feline head with faceted eyes. The features of this lion's head have been nicely hand rendered to the bottom of the jaw, the whiskers, the eyelids and the mane which runs backward slightly down the sword.

Nazi Army Dress Dagger by WKC

Prior to the center area, there is some nice clamshell type renderings which have hand accenting as well as hand pebbled surfaces. The "D" guard has raised out oak leafing as does the ferrule. The crossguard has a typical Alcoso style open winged eagle which looks to the viewer's right.

The breast area of this eagle, as well as the legs and the wreath enclosing the swastika, have all been hand enhanced. Nice looking hilt here reflecting approximately some gilded finish. The scabbard of this example still has good original factory paint.

This paint remains bright in places with some wear in others. There are no dings or dents. The grip is an outstanding black celluloid-over-wood base.

alcoso solingen dagger

It is wrapped with triple-twisted brass wire, the center being larger. The blade of this example is really something. This blade is a highest quality nickel-plated example still remaining bright and in mint condition. The blade measures 32 inches in length.Complete your registration and get started. This Alcoso Government Official's Dagger is in excellent condition throughout. It retains all of its silvering throughout the hilt and scabbard. The spanner nut has great formation to the original take down holes.

The eagle head pommel is in choice condition, with fine brows over the eyes, and excellent cantilever section on the reverse of the head. There are no hits to any of these areas.

The beak is squared off nicely, showing only modest wear. The feathering below the bird's head is crisp. The accent lines which run along the border of the lower pommel and backstrap are nicely done. The ferrule below has the traditional hand-cut, dual accent lines.

The crossguard is a nice example, featuring the eagle head, which looks to the viewer's left, the same as the pommel. This bird has fine detail to his eye and beak, as well as the chest, talons, wreath, and raised swastika. The crossguard, by Alcoso standards, is an excellent depiction.

The grip plates are a simulated mother-of-pearl celluloid, which has turned a fine, golden color.

alcoso solingen dagger

The front plate is just slightly lighter than the tones of the reverse plate. These grips have the usual, attractive swirl pattern in their surfaces. The scabbard of this example is straight throughout, and could not be any nicer. The edges are perfect throughout their entire lengths-it is rare to see scabbards in this condition. The pebble pattern is completely crisp, and the overlapping oak leaf bands and acorns provide fine detail.

The eyelets have the triple serrated surfaces, still being crisp throughout, showing no wear. These eyelets are numbered 2 and equipped with the standard sleeve that we see used by the producers of this dagger. On the throat of the scabbard you can find the number 2 again The blade is bright throughout, and the tip is still needle-like. This fine blade is marked on the reverse ricasso, with the trademark used from The Wehrmacht included not just the Army and Navy but also a third branch known as the Luftwaffe.

Initially, the Army was expanded to 21 divisional-sized units and smaller formations. Between and this force grew to consist of hundreds of divisions and thousands of smaller supporting units. Between and close to 16 million served in the Army. The Army dagger was initially issued on May 4th, and was designed by Paul Casburg, a well known designer of daggers during the Third Reich. The initial model submitted to the Fuhrer for approval had a white handle.

The dagger was authorized to be worn by all officers up to the rank of Field Marshall. The last year of production was After this date officers were no longer allowed to wear the dagger. There were no distinguishing marks in the dagger between the low level and high ranking officers. The beauty of this dagger layed in its simple but attractive design. You may see additional example of the German Army daggers by visiting the German dagger section of our website.

Most of the handles were manufactured of celluloid, which is an early version of plastic. The variations of handle colors were a matter of preference by the soldier.

He could go to the local company store and order from a catalog. Orange handle White handle - Early production. Yellow handle The handle consisted of a swirl ribbing pattern. No wire wrapping. The pommel of the Army dagger consisted of a metal piece ressembling the shape of a crown. Oakleaves were placed all around the pommel. The very top was plain. Not decorated and of dome shape.

Beyond the color of the handle, a soldier was able to customize his dagger by doing things such as having his initials engraved in different places of the dagger. The photograph to the right illustrates one way in which engravings were applied. Some of the more intricate applications involved placing combat vehicles and scenes onto the blade itself.

The biggest determinig factor was how much money tyhe person was willing to spend. The front and back had a tight pebbled design. The sides consisted of a smooth surface. A set of two loops were attached.

One was located at about mid-point and the other was closer to the neck. A metal suspension ring was attached to each loop. The more examples of a particular dagger that are examined the more knowledge is gained about the particular piece. Differences in construction can be better appreciated.

German Daggers

Markings on the blade and other sections are better understood. The overall knowledge about the dagger is expanded. This section of the site provides several examples of the dagger. Manufactured by Alcoso. With the letters ACS abd scale logo.Paraguay bayonet. Model The manufacturer is Alexander Coppel Alcoso Solingen. The grip, carrying device and the bottom bracket are made of bronze. On the handle is still an emblem with the inscription below.

The blade is on the front of a decrease in LR and a crown over it. The handle is still marked with the number B Sehr seltener Paraguay Dolch bzw. Modell um Der Griff, Tragevorrichtung und der untere Beschlag sind aus Bronze. Am Griff befindet sich unten noch ein Emblem mit Inschrift.

Der Griff ist noch mit der Nummer B markiert. Unsere Bankdaten sind bei eBay hinterlegt.

Original German WWII Transitional SA Dagger with Scabbard by by Alcoso of Solingen

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Army (Heer) Officer Daggers

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The clippers played a more and more important role and dominated the scope of business. Within Solingen there were 3 companies them these clippers produced and of course there was violent competition between these companies. As a result of a hard prizefighting a company stopped to produce on clippers, an other one went to bankruptcy, ALCOSO survived till the end, indeed, so groggy that ALCOSO also had to announce insolvency in the nineties.

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About DG. Albrecht, Solingen Herder H. Rudolf, Solingen Kayser C. Gustav, Solingen Spitzer E.The artificial mother-of-pearl grip plates are without cracks or chips, only very minor use scratches noticeable in the right lighting. The hilt fittings are in beautiful condition with no major scratches and no dings, except a ding to the ferrule ring…. The hilt fittings are in beautiful condition with no major scratches and no dings, except a ding to the ferrule ring.

It appears the ring may have taken a blow at some point on the front side of the daggerpossible accounting for the slightly loose hilt. You can see the slight indentation caused by the blow in the last photo in the series below. The spanner nut holes do not appear to show any tampering. We typically see some mangling within and around these holes, indicating the grip was disassembled at some point, but not here. Much of the facial detail has worn away. Below the crossguard you can see the original buffer pad.

A Government Official's Dagger by Alcoso

The blade is in fantastic condition, showing only minor scuffs, some very small areas of spotting at the tip, and a few scratches across the blade here and there.

The scabbard has a beautifully patina and no notable rusting or corrosion, and no dings or dents. Both throat retainer screws are present and unmessed with. Your email address will not be published. The dagger as a whole appears to be untouched, and uncleaned, with some rust spotting in areas of the scabbard fittings and hanger rings, which we do see with these daggers. This Land Customs Clamshell Dress Bayonet might be one of the rarest of the dress bayonets, and is often times mistaken for a Police Bayonet.

This particular example is absolutely exceptional! Here we have an interesting M42 Luftwaffe Single Decal helmet with the remnants of the winter camo still present around the eagle, the rim, and other areas of the exterior.

Winter camo Luftwaffe helmets are very difficult to find in any condition, and while the white of the camo has been scrubbed from the surface, even having the remnants present makes this a rare find.

A truly exceptional early example of an SA Dagger by the C. Haenel firm. From handle to tip this is a real screamer!


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